Focus Group Discussion with Women’s rights activists

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) conducted the third Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on August 29, 2016 with women’s rights activists. The FGD aimed to collect rich data for developing the intended guideline: “Engendering the Afghanistan Peace Process through Meaningful Engagement of Women”. The guideline which was planned to be developed based upon and […]

Focus Group Discussion with HPC members

In 2015 WCLRF launched a research report titled: “Women’s Participation in the Peace Process”. The research targeted HPC’s achievements, challenges and barriers to women’s participation in the peace process and the recommendations which best support women’s participation. The most prevailing recommendations to National Unity Government, HPC and international community were to: increase the number of […]

Report-writing Training

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) held report-writing capacity-building training for all staffs in program, finance and IT departments on July 27, 2016. The program meant to build the staff’s capacity and skills in writing and developing standard reports in their relevant departments. In this training the trainer explained many essential concepts including report’s […]

Awareness raising program on HarassMap for Kabul University Students

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) conducted an awareness program for Kabul university’s students on May 25, 2016 at Afghan Center at Kabul University (ACKU). The program aimed to introduce the HarassMap website to the students, especially girls to register their concerns, experiences of confrontation with sexual harassment and other related considerations. The program […]